So I spoke a bit on Friday about how my best friend, Autumn & I met. It’s fairly safe to say that we’ve had our fair share of shenanigans over the years (as all friends tend to have), but the one constant throughout our escapades has been the mask.

t72 (1)

First, allow me to explain one crucial element to this tale – the invention of the term Hoodin’.

Let me break it down for you.


(circa 2006)

Hoodin’ (Verb) : It’s cold out. There’s pretty much nothing to do around town because, it’s a small town & everything closes after 8pm. SO, you get yourself to 7-11, purchase yourself a delightful Slurpee (Possibly some hot dogs if you want to get fancy). Then, back in the car. Hoodie on – hood UP, of course. Roll down ALL THE WINDOWS (Even though it’s >40 out). Blast the music and just drive. (Obviously we didn’t invent the act of driving around itself per say – but the hoodie thing? All us. Believe it. Patent pending.)

 Back to the mask. 

One evening Autumn & I were rolling about and we stopped off at 7-11 for our usual Slurpee order. Autumn happened to glance at one of the end-caps and what did she find? Oh yes. THE MASK.



We had the absolutely brilliant idea to pop up and scare others while driving with the mask. I drove and Autumn would get down low in the passenger seat so that no one outside could see her. Then I would drive up close to the car next to us – and when they would look over, Autumn would pop up! at them with the mask on and scare the crap out of them. Completely safe. Also completely hilarious.


So this phenomenon expanded from scaring people whilst hoodin – onto bringing it various places to take hilarious (to us) photos.

[Side note: Autumn is always the one to actually wear the mask. Always has been. I am the photographer in all cases. Not sure why really. I don’t even think I have actually ever put it on myself.]

020 (1)

Out joyriding.

012 014

Creepin’ on the corner.


Under your car.


In the woods behind your house.


…Even in your house?!

Autumn Visit 038

The mask traveled to my house in Hawaii!

Autumn Visit 043

…and went boogie boarding.

Autumn Visit 063

Also almost drowned.

Autumn Visit 078

Don’t forget your sunscreen! (Skin cancer is real, y’all)


Over to Kaneohe side to visit the China Man’s Hat (and practice some martial arts).

DSC06144 DSC06148

Relaxing with some refreshing diet coke.DSC06153

Rising victoriously from the sea

DSC06158 DSC06159

Some glamour shots 😉t71

Hello, do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?


Anyway. So you get the idea.


We also like to pass on our traditions onto future generations. They’ll thank us later.

So if you happen to see a skeleton clown mask out & about…



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