5 Favorites

1. Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!


Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands – all their prints are just so colorful and happy and fun. They make me happy. However, the prices are not exactly on the inexpensive range. So, when a sale pops up – it’s a big deal. Lilly only has two sales per year. One in August (Spring/summer prints on sale) and one in January (Fall prints on sale). The good stuff doesn’t usually last longer than a few hours though honestly, haha. You can get really great pricing on the pieces you’ve been eying all season. Like, I’m talking 60-70% off retail pricing. This year’s sale was on the 4th. Usually the sale lasts two days but this time it was only for a day. I could understand why because by the time it was my turn to get on (there’s a virtual line now so that the site doesn’t crash), there wasn’t much left to choose from. But. Regardless. Still an awesome sale for those able to get into the sale right away. So it’s on my list of favorites. Boom.


WINTER HAS ARRIVED. I REPEAT, WINTER HAS ARRIVED. Also, remember how I’ve mentioned before that the heat isn’t the greatest in our current rental? Ah yes. Yesterday, Joe & I woke up and I couldn’t even bear to get out of bed because it was absolutely FRIGID in our house. I finally walked downstairs and checked the thermostat and it was at a glorious 50 degrees. And I had set it the night before at 74, so that was suspect. To make a long story short, the entire heating (and air conditioning!) in the home is busted and needs to be replaced. (!!!) So in the meantime, no heat. It was a high of 34 today. Yes. So, UGG BOOTS, YOU GUYS. I LOVE THEM.

I’m sure some of you out there are saying, “But they’re so UGLY! They’re meant to be slippers. They’re so basic.

…Okay…I hear you… Congratulations on your opinion! I bet you’ve never actually tried on a pair, have you? Actually felt the heavenly sensation?

Maybe I’m basic, but I happen to like the way that they look.

Also, they keep me warm and comfortable and I LOVE THEM.


3. Superstore.


Have you seen this show? It just premiered and it’s pretty good. It’s obviously trying to be the new “The Office” or “Parks and Rec” (which nothing ever will be), but it really is fairly hilarious all on its own.

“Do you own one of each of us?…” LOLOLOL.

4. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker


We went over to our friend’s house on New Years Eve and they had recently purchased this little baby. They made us all a cup and OMG I couldn’t believe how good the coffee was! Tasted like Starbucks, really. And it seemed to be extremely easy and simple to use. I’ve always wanted to get a cappuccino maker but I always thought they were too involved and complicated to use – but this one worked great. They also seem to be sold out everywhere I look so, there’s another sign. May have to be a copycat and add this to my own kitchen soon!

5. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup.


It’s freezing out and I want some. What more is there to say, really?

xx Ashley


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