BFF Friday Shout-out

First of all – a big congratulations goes out to my very best friend Autumn on the birth of her second child on Wednesday the 4th, a precious little baby boy!

TODAY also happens to be her 29th birthday, so a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FOOL! to her as well.


…Becauseeeeee next year you’re going to be 30. LOL.

I originally met Autumn in 10th grade because we were in the same English class. At first I was quite unsure about her because although she was very nice, she sat next to me and kept getting me in trouble for talking in class. Because she would always BE TALKING. To me. So I naturally would reply back, and we would always be getting into trouble. (Also once she threw a necklace at the chalkboard behind my head in a fit of teen angst because of boyfriend drama. So that was terrifying. hahahaha) BUT we probably should have just recognized our easy camaraderie back then, eh?

Fast forward to the day before high school graduation and a group of my friends and I were going out to lunch. A mutual friend of ours invited Autumn to come along and we instantly bonded over mutual respective heartbreak that was happening to us at the time. Ah to be young again.

Pretty much inseparable from that day forward. And the rest is history, as they say!

Buckle up A-Crane, hope some of these aren’t too embarrassing for you. 😉


(Our first Kelly Clarkson concert. We are OBSESSED with Kelly, BTW.)


(Remember when American Eagle polos were like, the epitome of cool? I was cool once, I swear!! Sike. I wasn’t.)


(Steelers Vs. Redskins game. 2pm-11pm. All booze, no food. You can imagine.)



(How we do Christmas)




(My personal favorite. More about THE MASK, to come. 😉 )

n31800233_31701585_6600 n31800233_31701586_6895

(Parking lot ninjas. Shut up.)

t12 DSC06143 Autumn Visit 038




(At her wedding earlier this year!)


(With new baby O!)

Wish I could be celebrating with you, but I’m there in spirit, as always. Can’t get away from me. Don’t even try.

I wish you all the very best things in life & I love you an absurd amount. You’re more than my BFF, you are my legit P.I.C. 4Eva. Please don’t ever die, I’m looking forward to being in a retirement center together causing general ridiculousness. Tally Ho!

“Two old women drove their car off of a highway ramp Thursday afternoon – one of them wearing a skeleton clown mask and the other with a slurpee straw lodged up her throat. Eye-witnesses claimed they could hear the women yelling, ‘Tally hoooooo!!!’ as their car plummeted off of the ramp…”


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