Whew. Well, now that the plague has been lifted from my house… I’m back. πŸ™‚

First little S got the bug and that lasted a few days. I was then able to get the house cleaned and aired out and everyone happy and healthy and then… BOOM. There was I, out for the count. With the worst stomach bug OF MY LIFE, YOU GUYS. Horrible. Talking… ER trip for two IV fluid bags and two doses of Zofran, horrible. Dehydration = no joke, my friends. So then we were able to get the house cleaned and aired outΒ again.


Just in time for good oleΒ Blizzard Jonas to arrive.



We are somewhere in that pink area. So that was cool.


Honestly though? I didn’t really mind it all that much. Joe was off work and S was off school. Joe was able to fight the masses for bread & milk & peanut M&Ms. Andandand… we had power and heat.

[Side note: THANK YOU LORD that our HVAC system went out 2 weeks ago and had to be replaced. THANK GOD. Can you even imagine if it hadn’t and we would have been stuck with the old wonky one that barely worked?! Ugh. No no no no.]

Anyway, so I was just content with being in a safe and warm environment with plenty of food. Watching out the windows from the comfort of my recliner + Harry Potter comforter.


(Me, walking back and forth from my recliner to the kitchen)

Β IMG_3372IMG_3373IMG_3374IMG_3375

Those were taken Saturday afternoon – snow and wind still a-blazin.

IMG_3363 2

Which brings us to Sunday – and the aftermath – when the shoveling started.


The thing about being in an end unit townhouse is that although you are at the end and can shovel your snow onto the grass… the people next to you start shoveling all ofΒ their snow over and it just never goes away. Ever. As we were shoveling our next door neighbor was just kind of looking at us pitifully like, “Well what am I supposed to do?!” Uhh… walk it to the sidewalk?…


So we ended up basically shoveling her spot too. That was a good time.

IMG_3358 2IMG_3353 2

Some of the end result. This mound won’t be melted until about… oh… June?

IMG_3333 2IMG_3339 2IMG_3340 2IMG_3332 2

We attempted some sledding but only S was light enough to get down the hill. Just too much snow and it wasn’t packing very well. But I was able to get down the hill once with a running start and laying on my stomach.


Success. In sled & selfie form. #soblessed

xx Ashley


One thought on “Jonas!

  1. It must take you a while to compose a post like this. πŸ™‚ Sooo many pictures.

    Every street/neighborhood needs a communal place to relocate snow. But, I am sure that would result in a messy, icy landfill of disaster. I think that much snow is nature’s way of saying, “Change your ways, people. This was just snow. Think of what you do with that other stuff someone is paid to collect once a week if you are lucky.”


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