Series: Five CHRISTMAS Favorites




This week I’m doing a Christmas version of Five Favorites. Because I can.

  • First up – one of these babies:


Ah, yes. A popcorn tin with three different delectable flavors. Actually, scratch that. TWO delectable flavors (Caramel & Cheese) and one that no one ever eats (Butter). My family ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS had one of these bad boys chillin’ in the living room growing up, and now Joe and I continue this tradition every year. Everyone cherishes gorging themselves on cold popcorn while watch Christmas movies, right? Right. If you don’t have one of these – get your life together. What are you even doing?

  • ABC Family Channel Original Christmas Movies:

Yes. YES. So cheesy. So predictable. So glorious. Here is my listing:

  1. 12 Dates of Christmas
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs
  3. Christmas Cupid
  4. Snowglobe
  5. Holidaze

In my opinion, 12 Dates of Christmas is the best. It’s a “Christmas every day until she gets her life right” kinda film. The main character is pretty cringe-worthy, but Zac Morris is in it. So. yep.

Holiday in Handcuffs is legit hilarious. Even Joe was laughing the other night. And, AC Slater! Saved by the Bell reunion on ABC Family, apparently!

Christmas Cupid is a “Christmas Carol” type story. Mean girl who has lost control over her life must rectify things before she ends up alone and miserable. It’s cute.

Snowglobe is hilarious because it’s SO. STUPID. The entire premise is absolutely ridiculous. This girl finds a way to enter the scene inside of her Christmas snow globe. Yes. And then proceeds to make one of the clay figures inside, her boyfriend (LOL). Just, watch it.

Holidaze is the same type of story. Woman has lost her moral compass and hits her head and ends up in a alternate reality. And must fix stuff. Classic.

There are other original films but they are all really horrible and not worth it. You have been warned.

  • Christmas Candy & Their Festive Wrappers 

Excuse while I go eat until I hate myself.

To me, even seeing these colorful red, green, silver & sometimes gold wrappers gets me all excited for the Holidays. Reminds me of opening up my stocking on Christmas morning – there’s nothing better than candy when you’re a kid, let’s be honest.


(Thank you, Santa. For ruining everything.)

I used to keep Christmas candy out in bowls around the holidays but then I would gain ten lbs in a 2 week timeframe and so I stopped, haha. Now I just look longingly at the displays in store. Kind of the same, right?

  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights while listening to Hanson’s Snowed In album:




= Christmas perfection.

This tradition began with my best friend, Autumn. We were probably out Hoodin’. Playing the absolute BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Hanson’s Snowed In. (Yes. Check it out. It will revolutionize your Christmas.) Anyway, we would drive around and look at all the lights while sipping on Starbucks. It’s good times. Festive. Really gets you in the spirit.


  • Christmas Eve Candlelit Services:

The church that we attend currently doesn’t do the candlelight services, but I’ll always remember how the church that I grew up in, did. Everyone dressed up in their Christmasy best. The service would be a regular Christmas Eve shindig, with a sermon and carols and the like. But then at the end, we would all get those little white candles with the white cups to catch all the dripping wax.


Then all the lights would be turned off and we would sing something like Silent Night and the entire room was just filled with (what felt like) magic. It really felt just magical. You could really feel God’s presence. It felt almost tangible. Maybe it was the anticipation of what was to come with it being Christmas Eve night and all, but it was just the best.


(My church was a lot smaller than this but you get the gist.)

Bonus Favorite:

Little S opening up gifts on Christmas morning:

Seriously, how awesome is it to see your little ones squealing with delight when opening up their gifts?! It’s pure magic. Seeing the excitement and happiness in their faces when they first see the Christmas tree and all the surprises underneath – it doesn’t get any better. It’s easy to lose some of that excitement as an adult – but after you have kids, it brings it all back tenfold. I can’t wait to see S screaming like a maniac when she sees her Barbie Dreamhouse. Because she will. She had better. It’s supposed to be a pain in the butt to put together – akin to putting together a NASA shuttle or something. Not looking forward to it, but we all must make sacrifices this time of year.

Happy Holidays!

xx Ashley


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