5 Things I Wish To Change In 2016

Well. Here we are! On the horizon of a brand-spankin’ new year. 2015 has just simply zipped by in a blur, hasn’t it?


Everyone has new year resolutions they would like to knock out – some are practical things like losing weight or quitting smoking. Others are more inspirational – travel more, spend more time with loved ones, be more spiritual/nicer/wiser… and the list continues.

I am not unlike everyone else in knowing that there are parts of myself that need growth and change. So, here are some things I would like to work on during the year 2016:

1. Being More Intentional With My Time:


I find that either my days whiz by without my knowing; or that each minute of the day lasts an actual five minutes each. There is no in-between. I obviously always have things around the house to be doing and a list of errands to run + being with little S – but this year I’m hoping to be a bit more intentional about the way that I spend my time. Everyone needs time to relax and simply veg out in front of the TV – it’s a way to unwind without having to release any kind of brain power. But, instead of unwinding by shutting off my brain functions, maybe instead I’ll pick up that book I’ve been meaning to read. Or call up a friend to catch up. Spending some quiet time with my Bible & with God. Or taking the time to simply sit down and journal some thoughts.

2. Less Distractions.


I’d also like to really focus more on making my time with Joe & S more intentional. Instead of sitting on the couch with our various electronic gadgets surfing the interwebs or playing various apps – maybe we could instead unplug and, I don’t know, actually just be together without distractions? It’s so easy just to say, “Hey, let’s all watch a movie together! Family movie night!” and then after the movie is playing, get on the iPad and dive into our own worlds. Sometimes Joe & I like to connect over a funny television show that we’ve been watching together and that’s fine – but there is a distinct difference between actually watching it & laughing together; and putting on the show and then scrolling incessantly through social media.

I have a general rule that I try to follow – when I’m out with friends or if Joe and I are out on a date, I put my phone in my purse and I leave it there.  I’m not perfect about this, but I really do try. I’m not on it texting or scrolling through Instagram or taking a gazillion pictures to let everyone know what I’m doing 24/7. I really try to spend that time with the people that I’m with, so why wouldn’t I try to do this when I’m at home, too? Right. Exactly.

3. Being More Mindful About My Body.


Let’s face it. I’m not getting any younger. I’m pretty good about taking the time to exercise because I usually feel pretty blah about myself when I don’t. But eating the right foods that will nourish my body is another story. I will eat well all day long and then 10pm hits and I’m down in the kitchen inhaling the leftover chicken + chips & salsa + fruit snacks + all the chocolate in the known universe. Anyone else out there do this? Crickets? Yeah. It’s not just about weight – it’s about being healthy. And not treating my body like a trash can. If I wouldn’t allow S to eat this way, then why am I allowing myself? So, practicing self-control is high on the list this year. Right. Exactly.

4. Try To Calm The Anxiety.

Anyone else feel anxious? Like, all the time? It seems to be a common epidemic in our society. I wonder why that is. Maybe because we’ve all got 156,435 things to accomplish in a minimal amount of time while having about 3,545 things running through our minds at any given time. Copious stressors, not enough time, too much pressure, not enough pressure, too much to do, not enough to do… Ah! Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to explode. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about life at times. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this year, instead of hiding out in anxiety & stress – I’m going to take steps to instead bring some light into the situation. Instead of internally screaming “I can’t handle it!” – instead I will take a deep breath and think, “Okay. This is not the end of the world. Let’s think of one way I can deal with my situation right now.” Maybe it’s dumb. But it’s better than driving myself crazy by wallowing in unnecessary anxiousness.

5. Devote More Time To My Friendships.


It can be hard to keep up with friendships as you get older – everyone has so many things to do. Be it being busy with work, kids, school, spouse, hobbies – whatever. Old friendships can fall by the wayside. Especially as a military spouse who moves around every few years. I’m guilty of not keeping in touch as well as I should.


This year I’d like to not allow weeks or even sometimes months (Ugh, I know!) to pass by before I speak to some of my old friends. This goes with item number one. Being intentional with my time! I have an hour of spare time? Instead of surfing Pinterest – let me catch up with a friend. I guess I could simultaneously do those things, but whatev. You get the idea.


Either way – I don’t want to be neglectful of the relationships in my life any longer. So I hope to work on that in 2016.

There are many other things I could + should + will be working on in the upcoming year – but 5 things on this ole blog tied up rather nicely with a big fat red bow. So there you have it!

Happy New Year, ya filthy animals!

xx Ashley


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