Fantastic Find Alert: Living Proof Shampoo & Conditioner

Today I am going to be doing a little review on some new products that I picked up – Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo & conditioner.

I’ve seen these products around some beauty stores like Ulta & Sephora, on beauty blogger sites, and even on my beloved Birchbox.

(The Dry shampoo version was one of the Birchbox samples last couple months – however I wasn’t lucky enough to snag it. It will be in my stocking come Christmas morning, though! Thanks Joe!)

I’d read that these products revolutionize the way you do your hair or something crazy like that, so how could I not check them out, right?

They have a whole science behind it – thickens n’ stuff.

If you go to the Living Proof website, you can take a little quiz to figure out which of their products would work best for you. My hair tends to get drier at the ends and a bit oiler at the roots. It’s also extremely fine with zero volume. I generally wash my hair every other day to keep it from getting too dried out. (I use a shower cap on the off days. Grandma style.) So my quiz told me that the Perfect Hair Day line would be best for me.

So like I do with any new hair products that are on the expensive side – I picked up the sample versions from Ulta to try them out first.

Immediate results, you guys.

The Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day Four

Usually, on day two after washing my hair, it tends to start to feel pretty limp & lifeless. It’s starting to feel oily and unclean at the roots. And it just generally doesn’t look too good.

On day two with Living Proof? Zero change from day one.

Day 3? Just as amazing.

Day 4? Yep. Still good!

Day 5: Ok. Time to wash again.


Obviously I had to do some touch-ups in the mornings – re-curling a bit to liven it up and a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to create lift (I personally need this because like I said, my hair has zero volume). This all takes about 5-10 minutes, tops.

MOMS: Hello. This is for you.

You know that the majority of the time we don’t have time to be re curling and styling our hair every single morning. And I only have one kid! Can’t imagine what it’s like with multiples. These products will save you so. much. time.

The only negative I have about them is that my ends did feel a bit drier than usual towards the end of the 4 day cycle. I don’t know if this was because my ends tend to be a bit more dry in general anyway or what. I will say that the Perfect Hair Day formula is supposed to improve your hair with time – no product is going to be a complete overnight overhaul. I am definitely excited to see how my hair will (hopefully) improve over time with these products.

Next on my list? The Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.


  • delivers the five benefits for a perfect hair day in one easy step- smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish
  • styles and treats without compromising one for the other
  • keeps your style cleaner, longer
  • reduces breakage by 78%, making hair 4.5x stronger 

It has amazing reviews and I would imagine it will help out with my dry end problem.

In any case, I really really really liked these products. Saved me a ton of time and hassle and my hair felt and looked great. Already ordered the full size versions from Birchbox. (Hello promo code + Birchbox points! Never forget to be doing your sample reviews! Those points add up. Ended up getting them for about $8.50 each! When they’re regularly $24!)

xx Ashley


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