November Birchbox Review



How gorgeous was the box this month though?! I always want to do something fun with the boxes, especially when they are this pretty. I just never know what! Usually S steals them from me to hide her various treasures in before I can figure out what to do with them, haha. Anyone have any ideas?

Mondale Dark Purple Fragrance


Le sigh. Here we go again with the fragrance samples. As you can tell, the fragrance samples are never a favorite of mine. They are always too small and it gets all over your hands when you try to spray them… just, ugh. This scent in particular was in a word… overwhelming. It was just so strong. And not in a good way. Smelled a bit like a perfume I used to buy from the dollar tree in middle school, honestly. And at $120 a pop?! You cray, Birchbox. Try again.

(MALIN+GOETZ) grapefruit face cleanser + (MALIN+GOETZ) vitamin e face moisturizer


I actually liked this cleanser a lot. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been using Elizabeth Earle’s hot cloth cleanser for about three years now and I LOVE. IT. But, I can also appreciate other facial cleansers from time to time. The smell of this cleanser alone was particularly nice – the grapefruit scent wasn’t overpowering but really added a fresh feeling. My face felt nice and clean afterwards and my skin felt a bit tight but nothing some moisturizer can’t fix. I would recommend this product. There is plenty in the sample for me to continue to use for a while – I’d like to see how my skin feels after some more time and after using the entire sample.


This moisturizer by the same brand also came as a bonus with the cleanser. It was in a tiny packet so it’s going to be hard for multiple use, but it was a bonus sample so there you go. So although I really liked the cleanser – I’m not so sure about this moisturizer. The smell was eh, but mostly it’s leaving my face feeling a bit greasy. My skin didn’t feel any softer than usual, either. I much prefer my Avon moisturizer to this one.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Touchable Curl Cream


Alright so my hair has a natural wave to it, but it’s not curly by any means. So I was skeptical from the start about whether this product would have any affect on my hair at all. To begin with – this cream smells amazing. Really refreshing, sweet & clean scent. Loved it. I used it on towel-dried air and let it air dry. It didn’t seem to enhance my waves at all, but it did make my hair feel really soft and smooth. So, I feel like this product would probably work really well for ladies with super curly hair. Maybe not just for the waves, though.

LOC Complete Collection for Lips in First Kiss


This was one of the sample choices for the month. You were given the choice between these three colors of lipstick or some colors of eyeshadow from the same company.

Since I’m not so big on eyeshadow…


I chose the lipstick.


I have several red & darker pinks in my collection so I chose the “First Kiss” color which is a nude color, just to switch things up. Honestly, when I first opened up this sample I was a little confused because I read that this “sample” was actually the full-sized version of the lipstick, which is great, obviously. But even as “full-size”, the lipstick itself is extremely small.


I can live with that though, whatever. I tried it on and at first I really liked it. It is seriously a nude lip – can barely tell it’s there save for the matte affect.


I enjoy a matte look though and it went nicely with my cat-eye eyeliner look I like to go with usually.

But after a while, I noticed that it was drying out very quickly. And my lips are NOT dry. I am a chapstick FIEND, you guys. I have chapstick strategically placed all over my house, in every car, in every bag, in every pocket. You get the idea. So the fact that this lipstick was feathering after only about 15 minutes of use was kind of ridiculous. Maybe you just need to really exfoliate your lips before you wear this stuff but who has time for that on a regular basis? It seems that most everyone who reviewed this product on the Birchbox site had the same experience as I did, too. I would pass on these.

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream


I liked this product a lot. It does a fantastic job at highlighting and it was pretty simple to apply. One thing you really need to remember with this type of product though is that you HAVE. TO. BLEND. WELL. Get yoself a Beauty Blender and blend this ish in WELL.


(These babies are COMPLETELY worth all the hype, too. Do yourself a favor – don’t buy the knock offs. They aren’t the same. Get the real thing and blend to your hearts delight. You will be transformed, I promise you.)

Otherwise this highlighter is going to make you look like you’re going to the 8th grade dance circa 1999.


(So majestic.)

Anyway back to the highlighting cream. A little goes a long way – be conservative with it. It made my skin all sparkly and fresh-looking without a prepubesant clownish affect.

With that being said – I actually already use another highlighting product from another company that I prefer and recommend over this cream.

Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter


This cream does the same thing – highlights and adds shimmer, but it comes in a stick that is much easier and simpler to apply. I literally just draw it on my face – above my eyes on the brow lines, below my eyes on the top of my cheekbones, & then down the center of my nose. I still use my Beauty Blender to blend everything in. This baby is just a lot less messy and honestly doesn’t seem as sparkly, so the highlighting seems a bit more natural. More like a healthy sun-tanned glow. To me, at least. This product by Benefit is about $12 more than the cream by The Beauty Crop, but this stick will literally last you forever. Like, probably until the end of time.

Bottom line – highlighter in general: It’s worth it. Totally has transformed my makeup routine. Makes me look more awake and adds a little oomph to my face.


Listen to Tom & Donna.


xx Ashley


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