5 Favorites

Welcome to another edition of 5 favorites!

Today, I will be focusing solely on

book favorites.

5 of them.


Prepare yourself.



(Here is a shot by some candles. Super artistic and fancy.)

I read Kaling’s first book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me a few years ago. While I liked her first book and thought it was funny, I preferred her newest one, Why Not Me. Kaling’s first book was more about her younger life and background and this second book detailed more about her current adult life, which I obviously related to more. The entire book is really funny and filled with Kaling’s amusing anecdotes – it also has quite a bit of solid advice. Work hard, don’t take any crap from people and all that. Simple philosophy but it’s tried & true. I went through the book quickly and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend for a rainy/beach/sunny/overcast/snowy/windy day.

One particular passage made me seriously laugh out loud because of its legit truthfulness:


SO ME AND MY BEST FRIEND(S)! Hahahaha. Probably you and your best friends, too.


I was a big fan of this show during its heyday in the mid 2000’s – the girls were funny and it was interesting to see why/how these women dated a really gross dirty old man, let’s be honest. So when I saw that Holly had written a tell-all about the behind the scenes experience = heck yes. I’m in. Picked it up from my local library and I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s honest and filled with juuuust the kind of stuff you want to know about what goes on inside the mansion. Madison really gets down to the nitty gritty of her emotions and reasonings in the book – you feel for her and it also teaches some valuable lessons about self-worth and image issues. If you watched the show back in the day – I recommend her book. Really interesting to get some truth (Holly’s truth) of what was actually going on.

I have read everything by Moriarty and they are all. so. good. Seriously. She does a fantastic job at getting you attached to her characters and also adds suspense and intrigue to her storytelling. Each book has different twists & turns and leaves you surprised and also warm at the end. You know when you finish reading a really good book and you close it and just kind of stare off into the void, thinking about it afterward because it was that good? Yes. These books are those books. My favorites were The Hypnotist’s Love Story, The Husband’s Secret & Big Little Lies. What Alice Forgot was really good too, but those three are my top favorites from Moriarty. The endings are very unexpected and the books keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Could not put them down. The Hypnotist’s Love Story is my ultimate favorite – it tells the story of a woman who is a Hypnotist (duh), who begins dating a man whose ex-girlfriend is stalking him. But then you switch back and forth and ALSO read from the point of view of the stalker ex-girlfriend. It’s so good.


This story takes place in the UK. It’s about a poor family that needs to get to a math competition in Scotland so that the young daughter can compete and earn enough money to get out of a poor public school and into an elite private school. On the flip side, you have the story of a very wealthy man who is under investigation for insider trading within his software company. Guess who gives the poor family a ride to Scotland? Yes. You’re right. On the cover, People Magazine compares the story to the movie Little Miss Sunshine, and I have to agree. It reminded me a lot of that film. It has many funny but also heartfelt moments throughout the book as the family & their chauffeur navigate their way both physically and emotionally to the competition. If you want an uplifting but also easy novel to read while you’re snowed in this winter, this could be it! I really enjoyed it.


Can’t go wrong with a classic, eh? The book has many similarities as the classic film with Audrey Hepburn (also one of my favorite films), but it also has stark differences. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have seen the film and not read the book so I won’t reveal what those differences are. Did you know that when they were casting for the film, Capote actually wanted Marilyn Monroe to play the role of Holly Golightly? In the book, Golightly is described as a voluptuous blonde – definitely not an Audrey Hepburn type. Monroe was cast in the role originally, but later on Monroe’s drama coach told her it would be bad for her image to play the role of a call girl (which Golightly was! Innuendo, anyone?) (I can only imagine the drama coach felt like a complete fool later on). And so, Hepburn got the role. It’s a fairly short book and it’s worth a read.

So, those are some of my book recommendations for those of you who are looking to get some reading in over Thanksgiving break! Have a great day!


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