So this week’s outfits were kept pretty plain & simple, tbh. I didn’t really have anywhere special to go this week and it was also a bit chillier and honestly sometimes it’s just hard to want to put a look together when you’re just going to throw a jacket over top or are just hanging out at home, amiright?


(Earrings: Nickel & Suede; Shirt: Target; Jeans: AE; Boots: UGG)

So I clearly need to be more vigilant about taking these photos during the daytime with natural lighting rather than at night – my jeans here look black but they are really a dark wash blue jean. Rookie mistake. Also maybe need to windex my mirror.



(Top: Target; Jeans: AE; Slippers: UGG)

Same here with the bad lighting – dark wash blue jeans again!


(Top: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: AE; Shoes: Converse)


This was later that day – with said jacket on (J.Crew Factory) – and I switched out my chucks for checkerboard Vans. I love my Converse but they aren’t the most comfortable sneakers in the world. These Vans are broken in perfectly so these are usually my go-to shoes pretty much year-round.


(Top: Target; Jeans: AE; Boots: UGG)

Obliglatory Starbucks mug accessory. There was real coffee in it, I promise.



(Top: AE; Jeans: AE; Boots: Target)

So, as I said, the key words for this weeks’ wardrobe were comfort and ease. That’s just life sometimes. And the whole point of this series was to show real life. And with that, I will wish you a good day.


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