Me Monday today will feature another concert experience from my past.



Soooooooo I legit love Kelly Clarkson. I think she is one of the top 3 female vocalists, ever. Her music is fun & upbeat – and she seems to be an all-around good, grounded & down to earth person in general. Her first album Thankful was the first non-religious album I ever bought and I just love her. I’m not even going to apologize or pretend to be normal about it, tbh.

You remember my best friend Autumn from last weeks’ post, right?



(This is the original mask photo! Came up in Autumn’s timehop. You’re welcome.)

Yes, another thing we bonded on when we became fast friends was our mutual love for Kelly.

So I have seen Kelly in concert 3 times out of an attempted 5 times. LOL. The first 3 concerts went as planned and were glorious. The last two didn’t quite work out because 1. In 2013 S & I happened to get sick the day before the show and couldn’t go; and then 2. Just this last September, Kelly got sick and canceled her show.

kim-first-cry-new-season tumblr_inline_mfnulabOII1qiz3mg Kim-Kardashian-Crying-266x400

(To say that I was unhappy would be a gross understatement.)

BUT this story is the tale of my first time.

The year was 2006. Autumn & I worked front desk at a hotel together. I was reading the newspaper and I happened to see an ad for Kelly’s new concert tour.

Me & Autumn:


So there were two shows semi-close to us, one in D.C. and then one in VA beach. We would normally just go to the show in D.C., but this time we got fancy.


“You know, there is a show in D.C. BUT we could instead go to the show in VA Beach and then stay the rest of the weekend and make it a girls’ beach trip.”




Us together, realizing the glorious weekend we were in for:


So the weekend finally came and we made our way down to Va beach.



Checked into our hotel and ran over to the concert.


(In line to get into the venue)

We splurged on the good seats since it was our first Kelly show and we were on the floor, 11th row – it was amazing. So there we were, just hanging out before the opener (Who was the band Rooney – they were awesome. Also the lead singer is the guy who plays Michael in Princess Diaries. Fun fact for you!) and we were chatting about how much we love Kelly.


We notice that an older family comes and is seated in front of us, which we thought was strange but, alright. Autumn is talking about how she voted for Kelly on American Idol religiously to another person next to us, and the older woman in front turns around and says something like,

“Oh, are you guys really big fans of Kelly?”


The woman then replies, “Oh, thank you so much. I’m Kelly’s mom.”



We asked for a picture, naturally.


This was awesome. BUT. It is not the climax of the story. Oh no. No no no no.

So then Kelly comes out and the concert begins and it’s even more glorious than I ever thought my life could be.



(I think Kelly looks best as a blonde with long locks but her short hair here was on point.)

Anyway so like I mentioned before, we were in the floor seats in the 11th row and it was fantastic to be so close for the show. However, at the end of the concert Kelly popped up halfway towards the back of the venue to sing “Breakaway” – I’m assuming so that people farther back could see her and stuff, but come on. I PAID TO BE CLOSE TO YOU, KELLY. Rude.

ButButBut – In order to get back to the stage, obviously she had to walk through the aisle – RIGHT NEXT TO US – right?


So as Kelly is walking down, everyone is pretty much up on their seats trying to get a good view in order to take a picture, etc. My seat was closest to the aisle & Autumn was right behind me. Both of us are up on our seats. Autumn has her digital battery-operated camera set up perfectly behind my shoulder so as to get the perfect close-up shot.

We are perfectly posed, ready for Kelly’s arrival.


She walks up – Autumn is poised to shoot the shot – and honestly I just kind of black out at this moment. I’m not thinking straight or logically, and I just kind of jump.


Yes, I said jump.

Literally, jump.

Yes, I tried to jump on top of Kelly Clarkson.


Thank God for body guards, amiright?

So as I’m attempting to jump on Kelly Clarkson, her security that I didn’t notice earlier cold-cocks me and prevents me from making impact. In this process, my arm was thrown back. If you recall, I mentioned that Autumn’s camera was poised directly over my shoulder in order to get a prime close-up shot of Kelly as she walked by. Of course, when my arm was knocked back, I also knocked back Autumn’s camera and she never got the shot. Something I think she still holds a mighty grudge about to this day.

So after this happens, Autumn & I kind of regroup and get it together in time for the show’s finale, which was “Since u been gone” – OF COURSE, WHAT ELSE WOULD IT HAVE BEEN?

So you know how I spoke about amazing moments in your life that you just never forget in my first Me Monday Post?

One of those moments in life where you are just so dang happy that your poor little heart just can’t handle all of the emotions that are pouring out of you?!!!




This was another one of those moments. Kelly was singing “Since u been gone” – one of my favorite songs of all time of course – & we had met her mom & almost touched Kelly & were at the beach for a girls weekend & I LOVE THE BEACH & I was experiencing this with my BFF WHO ALSO LOVES THE BEACH AND KELLY & the energy in the arena was off the charts & I remember that I was in a hella cute outfit that day & CONFETTI WAS LITERALLY FALLING FROM THE SKY AS KELLY SANG THE ENDING OF THE SONG, YOU GUYS.


Autumn & I were just dancing and singing and throwing our hands up in the air to catch the confetti as it fell… so happy. So glorious. So majestic. So magical. All the best adjectives entered here.

Hands fly through the air while trying to catch the falling confetti at DayGlow March 31. The confetti marked the start of the ÒWord's Largest Paint Party.Ó By Mallory Radtke


It’s pretty clear at this point that I lose my crap around celebrities. I don’t even know why, I just kind of black out and start screaming. I can’t control it at this point. Honestly, it’s embarrassing as hell but it is what it is. Just keep me away. For the good of everyone involved. I just can’t hang like that.

And here lies the memory of my first Kelly Clarkson concert, R.I.P.

xx Ashley


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