What’s Up Wednesday Link Up


Today I will be participating in a link up challenge along with some other blogs, specifically the blog Pinteresttoldmeto. I came across Sheaffer’s blog when I began to read her hilarious Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps – and stayed for the outfit posts and funny commentary. I genuinely enjoy visiting her site and so participating in her link up is a given, yes? Of course.

The challenge is (obviously) to answer the above questions for “What’s Up Wednesday”! Vamos!

  • What We’re Eating This Week: Well, I’m about to order pizza for dinner. So that’s happening. *Insert Whale Emoji Here*.
  • What I’m Reminiscing About: Our time living in Arizona. We lived in a tiny town on the border of Mexico, called Sierra Vista. It was very quiet, very small and very beautiful. Timehop has been posting pictures on my FB from our time there like crazy! We were only there for about 6 months for a school for Joe, but I think I remember it more fondly because it was the last place where Joe and I were together B.C. (Before Children). It was super peaceful there and the scenery was breathtaking. Don’t think I’d want to live there permanently, but it’d be cool to visit again someday!


(About 7-8ish months pregnant here so I’m not looking my best. Look at the background. Not at me. lol)


(In Tombstone! This was the day before I had baby S!)

  • What I’m Loving: Clogs! Don’t know why, I’m just obsessed with them. When I was a kid I had a pair of low-heeled navy felt clogs from Payless that I wore everywhere and once I got into High School I transitioned into the flat Birkenstock clogs which I also wore everywhere. Now I am loving high-heeled clogs. Can’t get enough!

966d401af6e2c9418a6a8d6c3703c5c3 36228740_001_a_grande img-thing

  • What We’ve Been Up To: This past weekend we were able to go visit the National Zoo in DC with my family and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t visited since I was in middle school, probably. I was really excited to see the gorillas and the sea lions (my favorites, they’re both such majestic creatures!).

IMG_2577 IMG_2582 IMG_2615 IMG_2633

  • What I’m Dreading: 


Some days are fall perfection – sunny with a cool breeze. But other days – like today – are almost bone-chilling cold and rainy. Bleh. The nights are getting darker earlier and it just reminds me that winter is on the way, which is the time of year that I loathe and despise. Too cold! Can’t handle it!

  • What I’m Working On: Just getting the house cleaned up & organized for our friends visit this weekend! We haven’t seen them in over a year (since we moved from NC) and I’m so excited!
  • What I’m Excited About: See above – also, Halloween of course!

(Watch this video, it’s hilarious. Just fast forward until you get to the haunted house part!)

  • What I’m Watching & Reading: 


Joe & I began watching the show “30 Rock” on Netflix last night. I watched the series when it was originally on TV but I had forgotten how funny it was! I love Alec Baldwin too, so there you go.


Reading: Just random magazines lately, really. Haven’t had the energy to devote to a real book. You ever get that way? Like I know once I actually dive into a book I will finish it really quickly and it will consume a large chunk of my time so I always sort of procrastinate before I begin reading. Weird. Haha.

  • What I’m Listening To: S is currently watching the Frozen short “Frozen Fever” – Netflix added the newest collection of Disney shorts. So that’s on in the background. Other than the typing sounds coming from my laptop.
  • What I’m Wearing: Right now? If we’re being honest – I’m in black Victoria Secret sweatpants & a cat t-shirt. Yep.


(This exact one, actually. Just in short-sleeve form. Joe got it for me at a crab & beer festival. It’s the little things, ya know?)

  • What I’m Doing This Weekend: Well, Duh. It’s Halloween so other than hanging out with our friends that will be in town visiting, there is a trunk-or-treat at a local church. As well as stuffing my face with candy and playing some Mario Party. It’s on, Nicole!!!
  • What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month: My best friend is due to have her son! So that will be exciting! Just so sad that she lives so far away – won’t be able to see the new baby until next year! 😦

  • What Else Is New: Not much else, right now. Just living life! 🙂

Thanks for joining me to read about all the little random things going on in my life right now. It was thrilling for you, I know. You’re welcome.


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