5 Favs

What up! 5 new favorites up today! Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • First up, clearly I would be remiss if I began this list with anything but this:

Adele. You killed it, girl. I cannot wait until November 20th to hear the entire new album. #therealqueen #Beyoncewho


So these booties are fall perfection, are they not? Gorgeous oxblood color, clog-like silhouette, chunky but also chic.


(They don’t look like they’d be too comfortable though, do they? le sigh.)

  • Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter. OMG.


I tried this on a whim a few weeks back and yaaaasssss… it tastes like cookies. Crunchy from the almonds and really sweet and still has the same consistency as peanut butter mostly – maybe just a bit smoother. So good. Really hits the spot if you’re having a sweet craving.

However, this:


GROSS. I thought it would be a healthier alternative to Nutella but noooooooo… this stuff was straight up nasty. Obviously I ate it all… but it was gross the entire time. It’s thick, kind of like hard paste. And the aftertaste is just awful. Just stick with the good stuff.


charity_by_design_cbd15ucss_top charity_by_design_cbd15ucyg_top

How cute are these? I’m usually partial to silver, but lately I’ve really been into gold jewelry. (Rose gold in particular.) All my Alex and Ani bracelets are silver but I actually prefer the gold finish for this particular bracelet. Also, this bracelet was created to raise funds & awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network – so 20% of the profits for this bangle will go towards them! Cool, huh?


So I started this book a while back as a new Bible study of sorts. I haven’t finished it completely yet but I’m about 3/4 of the way through. It has really awesome advice for women who are struggling with balancing all the things that life throws at you. Instead of being anxious and fearing change in life – trust that God has an ultimate plan for you and that He will guide you to where you need to be. I know it can be hard sometimes to surrender the control in your life – it’s hard for me because I’m fairly headstrong and independent. (“Fairly” may be an understatement though 😉 ) This book is helping me to think a little clearer and relax a little more when it comes to even minor decisions – and to make me realize that I need to rely more on God instead of constantly worrying and stressing about every single little thing inside of my head. Everyone struggles with those feelings of “Am I enough? Am I doing enough for my kids? Am I doing enough for my husband? Am I having enough fun/creating a successful career/finding enough happiness?” etc etc etc. This book has shed new light on the subject of “Chasing perfect” + “Chasing happiness”.

A few excerpts:

“Many times, we deeply desire a change in our lives, but we fear that change might shake things up. We fear upsetting the status quo, causing trouble we are not prepared for. We fear that making a change will worsen our situations, so we find ourselves stuck.” (Pg. 17)

“Nowhere in the Bible did God say, ‘Follow your dreams’ or ‘Follow your heart’. He simply said, ‘Follow Me.’ If you are hesitant to surrender to those two life-giving words, the next three sentences are perhaps the most important: Following Him frees us from chasing perfect. Following Him frees us from a life going nowhere. Following Him gives us a clear life-giving purpose – to love Him and serve others so they know that love too.” (Pg. 133)

“God’s version of true happiness is so much better than what our culture presses forward. The goal is not happiness – the goal is Him.” (Pg. 134)

“The source of true contentment: I have God. He never changes. His love and mercy are always there. Your house and your stuff and your money and your status and your youth won’t last forever – but His love never fails. It never dies or fades. Putting our hope in the eternal is far more fulfilling than fleeting happiness.” (Pg. 134)

“I thought that when I finally found happiness, my life would be simpler. When I finally had the perfect house, car, job, and amount of money, that’s when I could finally breathe. Pursuing happiness kept me busy but left me feeling overwhelmed and worn out. But as I gradually learned, following Him is better than doing it all, because we start doing what matters. (Pg. 135-136)

If you are ever feeling a bit overwhelmed/stressed/anxious about life – this book could be a great resource to you. Give it a shot!

Have a great day. 🙂


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