5 Favorites

TGIT! Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week, you know. Right on the cusp of the weekend. Better than a Friday in my opinion. You get all the excitement of a Friday on a Thursday – without all the rushing to get to the weekend. The weekend is coming, but don’t stress about plans quite yet. You still have time. It’s still Thursday. Does that make sense? Who knows! Moving on!

  • I’ve been watching the new show “Scream Queens”. I know I know. But it’s funny!


Fairly gory but it’s supposed to be a satirical play on classic horror films. In this weeks episode there was a particularly hilarious moment between a couple of the main characters, Chanel (played by Emma Roberts) & Chad (played by Glen Powell). They are both horrible people and although they are “dating”, Chad hooks up with a ton of other people on the show. His one-liners are hilarious though. This scene had me rolling:

“uhhhh…I love you too sorta.” Hahahaha…


It’s on sale + an additional 30% off too! Cute for the spring/summer & can easily move into fall with a cardigan or leather jacket! Run!

  • Jane The Virgin!


I just found this show while browsing on Netflix. Season 1 is up on Netflix & season 2 is currently playing on the CW. I was a huge fan of the show “Ugly Betty”, which was a telenovela type show – this is the same deal. Jane is a virgin (duh) who is accidentally artificially inseminated at an OB appointment. (The sample inseminated is from a man she had a crush on at age 18 – who is also her current boss!) She is a really likable main character and the rest of the cast is great, too. Jane’s father on the show is an actual telenovela star and he is really hilarious. Really funny, dramatic and also really easy to get into. Highly recommend it! Her baby daddy looks just like Nev from Catfish, too. I keep confusing the character for Nev, haha!

CW+Showtime+2014+Summer+TCA+Tour+Portraits+xJmvCfY6JbXl Nev-Schulman-Explains-What-Catfish-Means.jpg


  • Lastly, this may be dumb, but… I gotta do it. I just really love this song:

(They say it’s about T.Swift, you know.)


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