Those dang pumpkin patch pictures!

This past weekend Joe and I were able to take S to a local pumpkin patch, Belvedere Plantation. This farm has TONS of activities for families in addition to the pumpkin patch. It was a great time. We went with some of Joe’s family so S had one of her younger cousins with her as well!

This plantation had a huge bounce pad built into the ground which was THE BEST, obviously. They have a small ropes course, pumpkin & face painting, zip line swings, slides, pony rides, a petting zoo with pig races and tons more. It was a gorgeous fall day – chilly but still fairly warm with bright sunshine. We had a great time!

Warning: photo dump time!


IMG_1686 IMG_1688

There was a large train-type hay trailer that takes you out to the actual pumpkin patch where you can pick out your pumpkins – S had so much fun just riding that!


(My girl & I. Can’t believe she’s already 4!)



(When I asked her to keep smiling, this is what she gave me LOL)


Alright, so real quick take a look at the shadow of my face on Joe’s chest. Doesn’t it look like Hellboy?!


Joe & I were laughing about this picture for a while when I was uploading it. Maybe not Hellboy exactly but something creepy for sure. Anyway.


Each pumpkin is weighed individually for payment but if you hold ALL of the pumpkins for 3 seconds, you get the entire bunch for only $30 bucks. So, here’s Joe getting it done. nbd.


Other than the bounce pad, this was S’s favorite thing. Only problem is – she has to be pushed back and forth forever & ever.


This was one of the kids’ slides. S LOVED it – but, yeah. hahahaha…


…aaaaand she’s out!

If you live in the D.C. area and are looking for a fun outing for the family or even looking for a fun day date idea as a couple – I highly recommend Belvedere! They also have funnel cake… πŸ˜‰


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