The Martian + Randoms

Hey guys! Decided to take a 3-day this weekend – Me Monday will be back next week with a brand-spanking new tale of ridiculousness. I’m sure you are waiting with bated breath. Great anticipation all around. 😉

So this past weekend Joe was off for a 4 day actually. We were able to make it out to see a movie for the first time in… forever pretty much. (Parents of young kids! I see you!) Decided to go see the new Matt Damon flick, “The Martian”.


So, basically how I feel about films that take place in outer space is this:


and! also! intense anxiety! the entire time!

Outer space absolutely terrifies me. Like, why one would choose to do such things, like propel themselves OUTSIDE OF THE EARTH, is beyond me. You know… when I was a kid, for a while there I actually wanted to be an astronaut big time. Thought it would have been AWESOME.

Present me is like:


Could not pay me enough money to ship me off into space. Nope. Big fat no way, josé.

Older space movies don’t really bother me all that much – like “Apollo 13”, or “Armageddon”, etc. Maybe simply because the graphics back then weren’t all that great or lifelike. Now, the scenes are SO REAL it feels like I’m actually there – and that is borderline horror genre to me.

The movie “Gravity”? MY NIGHTMARE. Like that’s how it ends? Sandra Bullock crash lands on earth in the middle of a mud river in God-knows where after everything and then cut to black?! WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU!

The movie “Interstellar”? First of all, was admittedly amazing. BUTBUTBUT I had serious anxiety the entire time I was watching it. Maybe because we saw it in IMAX, I’m not sure. Either way…OMG. The scene where they are on that planet of huge waves and the water is comingcomingcomingcoming and they are racing to get back to the ship and shoot straight back up before the complete tsunami is going to straight MURDER them? Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!  I COULD NOT BREATHE. LOL, I can’t even think about it. Oh, and then they get back to their main ship and the guy they left is all, “OMG GUYS YOU’VE BEEN GONE FOR 32 YEARS!” What! Noooooo!!!!!!!!

I digress.

Anyway I don’t want to give too much away to people who have not yet seen the film, but other than the specific, terror-inducing, crippling outer space scenes – the movie was pretty great. The time that is actually spent on Mars when Damon’s character is surviving are really cool – the scenes where he’s trying to get off Mars and back to his crew were absolutely terrifying. The character was crying, I was almost crying – omg. And I’m not usually bad with scary/intense/action films. But that scene where he’s lifting off of the surface of Mars into space with all the windows kicked out and just a canvas tarp over-top…


…and then when he unbuckles himself and pops a hole into his air-thing & flings himself into outer space – spinning wildly around uncontrolled – just hoping to maybe reach his commander…


LOL, I seriously can’t.

Go see it. It was great. Super long (Like 2.5 hours), but definitely worth it to see it in theaters, rather than at home.

In other news…

  • Came across this little article and LOL’ed all over the place. North West be running’ up those iPad app bills and Kanye is ranting about parenting woes now? Gotta love it. Kanye: Ever heard of password protection? Rookie.
  • The perfect fall outfit + flares are back? And are we happy about this?



These ladies look amazing. Obviously flares are probably going to be a bit more flattering depending on your body type – but every pair I try on just doesn’t work. I feel like I need to be wearing heels for the whole lengthening effect to take place – heels just aren’t realistic with mom life right now though. Will be testing out! Your thoughts on flares being back? You will have to pry my skinnies from my cold, dead hands but hey, I’ll give the flares a decent shot again. 🙂 Leather jacket on point, too!

Alright, time to get my kiddo in the tub & then in bed so Joe and I can *finally* watch the premiere of “The Walking Dead”. Anyone else watch?

xx Ashley


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