Current Obsessions + Things I’m Loving


Not unlike everyone else, I assume.

I am about to dedicate an entire post to just a select few randomized items. Don’t even care. I’m doing it. Moving on.




So the Harry Potter books have been re-illustrated and are being re-released one by one over the next 7 years. These versions are more “kid-friendly”; they have way more pictures and a much larger format so they are “easier” to read along with the littles.

I am not little. But I am PUMPED. When it came in the mail yesterday, I pretty much lost my mind.


(Yeah, that’s me circa 2008. I will apologize for nothing other than the spare tire I was rocking.)

My child was like:


Until I opened it up and starting showing her all the pictures and then she was all like:

12038324_10100508317569629_3379276768573639499_n 12011182_10100508317554659_8297290465774396468_n

(She gets it now.)

It’s just so beautiful! All of the new illustrations and colors and there’s an awesome red cloth bookmark… I’ve already started reading it with S. It’s happening and I’m psyched.


Patagonia Re-Tool Pullover!


This is the “Portifino Pink” color – it is soooo soft. Feels like you’re walking around wearing a furry blanket. It has a nice kangaroo pocket and the sides are shaved in a bit so it doesn’t look like you’re just wearing a sack. I got it back in July during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and the other day was the first day that it was cold enough to wear it. So warm. So comfortable. So perfect for those ‘feeling chubby’ days. Success.


This amazing T. Swift mash-up. It’s long, but worth the watch.


Pizza & Game night with friends.


(Kevin really wanted to see this picture of the oven. What a weirdo.)

IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2448 This past weekend hurricane Joaquin was making his jolly way through the east coast and therefore – homemade pizza & game night was to be had with our good friends, Katie & Kevin! I’ve known Katie since we were around 5-6ish and known Kevin since High School. Since moving back to the area it’s been really great to get to hang out with old friends on a regular basis! I found some old throw-back photos of Katie & I from my 13th birthday that I could post, but I won’t post them because I’m not a jerk. Nobody wants 13th birthday pictures to get out. You know that as well as I do.


This last picture leads me to my next recent obsession… Nickel & Suede earrings!

IMG_2390 IMG_2429


(This is the copper pair – wearing them in the blue flannel pics)


(Woven brown – my favs!)

(Earring pictures from the Nickel & Suede website)

These earrings are made by Kilee Nickels & her husband from the onelittlemomma blog – they are made from leather & suede and they are soooo great. They are light as a feather – I often forget that I’m wearing them (so even though they are larger “statement” earrings, they aren’t bothersome at all. You get the statement without any hassle). They come in many colors & metallics. I had wanted them for a while and finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and now I already have several pairs in different colors. I get the size medium – they are big enough without being too huge for my face frame. I tried out the large size but I think the larges work best with shorter hair. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Lastly, I’ll just leave you with this:


Makes me laugh every time.


2 thoughts on “Current Obsessions + Things I’m Loving

  1. Lol about the birthday pictures. But in all seriousness I would find a way to figuratively and literally burn your blog to the ground if they made it to the interwebs. 😇
    Meant to ask you about the earrings over the weekend – they are super cute and if they’re lightweight I definitely need to check them out!


    1. hahahaha… I ALMOST posted that one of you and I… and then I thought, “Eh, better not.” And yes these earrings are amazing!! Next time we get together you can get a closer look if you want, too. I have several colors haha.


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