Fitness Friday + Favorite Workout Gear

Hey everyone, it is Fitness Friday once again here at Actually-Ashley! How was your week?
This week was week 2 of the TIU Fit for Fall challenge; I am actually finding that these workouts are getting a bit easier already! (Perhaps I will have to up my intensity…) I can seriously feel my body getting much stronger and leaner already – can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of week 8! It’s not too late to join in! Check it out here!

So today I will be sharing some of my favorite workout gear that I own & use. We all know that we feel better and are more motivated to get that exercise in when we are wearing cute activewear – at least I do!

Work out Favs

I’ve tried many many different brands of workout pants/leggings – Old Navy makes the best (at the best price point), in my opinion. I used to wear Victoria Secret yoga crop leggings but they don’t exactly mix well with sweat. Old Navy’s compression leggings are the moisture wicking Go-Dry material – makes all the difference. Trust me. They fit awesome, don’t stretch out weirdly or ride up, and wash really well. Plus, they come in a plethora of different colors & patterns. They come in a cropped version (here!); or a full length version (here!) Can’t beat it at the $28 (or less) price tag, either!

To add onto that, Old Navy also carries great Go-Dry tanks with the same moisture wicking material. I only wear Go-Dry tanks when working out or running – they keep you from feeling quite so… gross. Haha. Again, they come in a variety of colors that you can mix & match with the leggings. (Click here!) Just top the tank off with a cute half-zip Go-Dry pullover in the cooler weather and boom! Lookin’ good! (Half-Zip)

When it’s rainy/cold/just don’t feel comfortable with anything jiggling – I like to add my North Face Venture Jacket. It’s a rain jacket that really does a great job at repelling the water + is surprisingly very warm. Incredibly lightweight as well – which means it’s easily packable. Can be worn any other time in the rain as well, obviously. 🙂

Every runner has their favorite brand/type of running shoe – mine happens to be the Nike Free Run 5.0. I’ve worn them since 2011 exclusively. They are light as a feather, mold perfectly to your feet and are sooooooo comfortable. They seriously feel like wearing slippers sometimes – that is how legit comfy they are. They come in a ton of colors and I upgrade mine probably around once a year-ish. Even if you’re not actually running – these are so comfortable (& still cute!) that you can wear them out and about as a normal shoe. ++ As far as good running shoes go, $100 isn’t too bad.

As far as accessories go – I like to pull my hair back with Sweaty Bands. (The 2-pack will run you $28) The inside of the band is velvet – they do not slip during your workout. Not at all. They come in many different patterns and colors – I have the cheetah, silver glitter & black glitter. They are a bit cuter than your average workout headband but still do a great job at staying put & keeping those stray hairs out of your face.

I like to wear a baseball cap when I run outside too, partially to keep the sun out of my eyes – and partially to hide my face so I feel like I’m invisible to everyone around me outside, LOL. (I also feel like when I run with a hat on I can focus better on my run because I feel like no one can see me. Weird, I know. Just roll with it.) I use a standard Vineyard Vines hat – just because that’s what I happen to have on hand. These are obviously a bit more expensive because of the brand-name at $28; any old ballcap will do, though!

Of course, every workout needs some jams courtesy of an iPod/Iphone (Discman? Maybe? You still out there? Worth a shot!) + earbuds.

[Sidebar: What is with the people who run outside, listening to nothing? How do you do it?? The music distracts me from hating my life when I get too tired – so how are you just running with nature? Are you just that relaxed & zen? I can’t do it! haha.]

And last but not least, of course you want to be pairing your runs + workouts with water. I like the Eddy water bottle by Camelbak – it doesn’t drip or spill and has a convenient hook on the top so you can carry it around easily. I use them, Joe uses them – even little S has a few!

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Fitness Friday + Favorite Workout Gear

  1. I am going to old navy tomorrow!👍thanks for the tip on the pull over. And sometimes it’s nice to run without music😊back in the day when I didn’t feel like taking my portable CD player cause it was too bulky…you get used to running with nature😊…


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