Some Fall Favorites + Splurge Vs. Save

Favorite-Things-for-Fall2-1024x666Splurge or Save: UGGS, Vests & boots
Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about a few of my favorite fall fashion items & finding great dupes of the more expensive brands – for less!
Everyone loves a good deal. I rarely pay full-price for my clothing/shoes/accessories – I almost always try to have a coupon or coupon code on hand when I shop. If I don’t have one, I will wait until a promotion comes up because – one almost always will. AND I only keep items that I really really love. If I’m like “eh” about it or can’t see how I would wear it with the rest of my closet (or if it doesn’t fit my lifestyle), I don’t keep it. (I end up returning probably about 75% of the things I purchase, honestly.) With that being said, I also believe in making my purchases worth it. As I get older, I try to only purchase quality items that I know will last me a long time and won’t fall apart after a few wears.  If it’s a classic piece that I know I will be wearing for years to come – I really don’t mind spending the extra moola to get the good stuff. However, some brands just aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be (Cough-Frye-cough) and the dupe versions are just as good! So let’s get into it!
  • UGG Australia “Dakota” Slippers: I have these exact slippers. The heat doesn’t exactly work well in our current rental and it becomes absolutely frigid in our house in the winter. These are lifesavers. So warm, so comfortable and so worth it, in my opinion. They also come in a variety of colors (Hello hot pink!). You get the classic plush UGG comfort with these, they’ll last a long time – you’ll have a hard time beating these babies. The price point is on the higher end at $100 – but they are UGGS so there you have it.



  • Target “Chaia” Slipper: I also have a couple pairs of these slippers. I actually wear them out and about as shoes, which I don’t with my UGGs. I used to exclusively buy these babies at Target because of the much better price point ($20), butbutbut – I eventually caved in and purchased the UGGs because these slippers will NOT last you all season. Not at all. I experienced major issues with them after a mere two months of occasional wear. The outsides looked fine (other than slight stains from wearing outside), but on the inside the fluffiness began to pull up at the toes and come apart from the sole. No Bueno. The first time it happened I thought to myself “Okay, maybe this is happening because of how often I’m wearing them”. So I purchased a replacement pair and lo and behold – the inside fabric pulled away from the sole yet again. So, at $20 a pop + falling apart within 2 months of wear + buying multiple pairs = the UGGs may come out to be the better deal. (Unless you only use them for occasional wear, of course 🙂 )



  • J. Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest: Southern girls love their puffer vests! You can pair them over sweaters, Lilly Pulitzer Elsa tops (ultimate FAVS), long-sleeved basic tees… pretty much anything. They keep you warm but not too warm; and they make you look great, obviously.  Look at you in your puffer vest, girl! Killin’ it! Can’t go wrong.


(My best friend HATES them. Haters gunna hate! I see you, Autumn! I still be lookin’ good though!)

Anyway so my favorite vests come from good ole J.Crew factory, but unless you can get them on a good sale, they will run you anywhere from $60-80 a pop. Which is crazy, right? (And what’s up with their fluctuating prices? Constantly going up and down – MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, J.CREW!) So, I only splurge to get the printed versions (on sale of course) from J.Crew (Classic Herringbone anyone? Just me + you + all of pinterest).


  • Old Navy Quilted Zip Vest: This vest is priced at only $35 – and Old Navy almost always has a coupon code you can use to order online. I have solid colors in this version – they have a different quilted pattern and are thinner than the J. Crew versions, but still create the same vibe. Also, Old Navy came out with an awesome buffalo check version this year (just like last years’ J.Crew version!).

Women's Quilted Zip Vest - Red Check

(With a blue gingham button down?! Come on now.)



  • Frye 12R Harness Boots: I was drooling over these babies for a loooong time, but I just couldn’t justify the price point ($277). Two Christmases ago Joe bought them for me. It was a Christmas miracle! I rushed to try them on and… COULD NOT GET THEM ON. I couldn’t get them on my foot! I felt like Cinderella’s dang stepsister! It wasn’t because they were too small (I even tried to size up to see if it would help. It didn’t.), it was because the leather was SO stiff, my foot kept getting stuck in the ankle portion of the boot. When I finally managed to wrangle them on after what seemed like an hour of grunting, sweating + a few choice words – they were majorly uncomfortable. I googled some reviews and everyone claimed, “Oh just wear them around and break them in. The leather will soften up! In a few weeks they’ll be perfect!”. Sooo let me get this straight – My grossly expensive leather boots need me to be in constant pain for two weeks in order for me to able to wear them, someday? LOL. Okay, sure. No. If I am paying that much for boots, I shouldn’t have to spend weeks breaking them in. They should feel like walking on heavenly clouds from day one. You are the weakest Link, Frye boots, goodbye. RETURN!



(Yes hello, I love you.)

  • Target Mossimo Supply Co. Katherine Leather Boot: Fast forward a year later and I stumble upon these babies at HELLO LOVER! Ordered immediately, and when I received them I couldn’t have been more impressed. They are real leather, look almost exactly the same as the Frye boots and surprise! Actually fit and are comfortable right away! AND at only $60? Say what?! Run – don’t walk – to get these boots. #Targetdoesitagain

Anyone have any particular fall favorites they can’t wait to reach for when the weather turns? Let me know in the comments!

More Fall Favorites to follow next week, amigos!


3 thoughts on “Some Fall Favorites + Splurge Vs. Save

  1. I absolutely adore your humor and sense of style. It’s not quite my thing (totes with Autumn on the vest thing lol) but you definitely are spot on about splurge/save. I’m mostly an Old Navy wearer…but occasionally I branch out to Lane Bryant or Torrid. The problem I have with those stores is the price!!! Most times the quality doesn’t even turn out to be better than Old Navy. Yeah, no thanks! I’ll take the cheaper prices!


  2. I am pretty much cheap when it comes to clothes but It does pay to go name brand for boots and slippers I think…like you said they last so much longer!👍my Uggs are 4 years old and still going strong!


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