What’s Up Wednesday + Link Up


Today I will be participating in a link up challenge along with some other blogs, specifically the blog Pinteresttoldmeto. I came across Sheaffer’s blog when I began to read her hilarious Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps – and stayed for the outfit posts and funny commentary. I genuinely enjoy visiting her site and so participating in her link up is a given, yes? Of course.

The challenge is (obviously) to answer the above questions for “What’s Up Wednesday” + a bonus question! Vamos!

  • What We’re Eating This Week: I’m not much of a cook (understatement), so it’s kept fairly simple round these parts. Sandwiches, soup, grilled chicken & veggies. Healthy and easy is the way, folks! Also, breakfast foods (for breakfast, lunch & dinner. My fav.)


(Leslie + Ron = Me.)

  • What I’m Reminiscing About: Baby S!!! Facebook Timehop is a beast, you guys. Since this past week was her birthday, Facebook has just been posting hoards of newborn baby pictures of her! Mommy heart can’t handle it!

304924_10100425022658662_952857253_n 311068_10100431025239442_2144408936_n 320660_10100432399206002_2013618202_n

  • What I’m Loving: THIS.


GORGEOUS, right? You just don’t find stuff like this on the market for less than a few grand – making it yourself saves a LOT. This is our next project – to be completed sometime mid October probably. Will DEFINITELY be posting about it when it’s finished!

  • What We’ve Been Up To: Other than regular old life – S’s birthday party was last Saturday – My Little Pony themed, naturally. It was just a simple family party, with a couple of S’s friends of course. All a four year old wants is her BFF to play with + cake right? Too easy!

IMG_2378 IMG_2373

That eye stares right into your soul.

  • What I’m Dreading: I mean other than the two boxes of salt water taffy screaming my name from the pantry + completing three loads of laundry? Preeeeetty much nada. Life is good. 🙂
  • What I’m Working On: 

Personally? Creating content for the blog/while also trying to figure out the whole process; ++ the Tone It Up challenge!

With S – homegirl has been forgoing eating her lunch so that she can chat amongst her friends at preschool, coming home with a full lunchbox! Did it three times last week. But, spoke with her lovely teachers about it and she has been eating her lunch – at school – regularly again. Social butterfly! Wonder where she gets that from? (Joe.)



October is the start to the BEST part of the year. Everything fall-like (AKA getting to wear all those cute fall clothes/boots/scarves/sweaters etc etc); not sweating my butt off every time I walk outside; Halloween (gorging on Kit-Kats & Reeses); Thanksgiving (Gorging on green bean casserole. Can’t even.); and then… CHRISTMAS! (FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

(Also breaking out my UGG boots – you have to know this is v. important.)


Uh, yep! #noshamewhatsoever

  • What I’m Watching & Reading: 



I recently discovered the MTV show “Awkward”, on Amazon Prime late one night. YES, it’s everything you can imagine from a cheesy High School MTV sitcom, but it is seriously hilarious. It takes place in High School (of course), and details the last 3 years of one girls’ *awkward* life. The main character, Jenna, is whiney/selfish/annoying – but all the supporting characters are just great. Her parents were teen parents and although they are well-meaning – they are grossly out of touch. Val, the good-hearted (but off her rocker) guidance counselor gives the WORST advice to the students and is completely oblivious to everything around her; and then you have the character of Sadie Saxton. SO SO FUNNY, you guys. She is a horrible person, but has the best facial expressions & commentary.


I ran through this series quicker than I care to admit. With that being said – This series is chock-full of bad language and the glorification of teenage sex (nothing graphic, just a lot of sleeping around). I wouldn’t recommend anyone of a young age to watch, if I’m being honest. But if you don’t mind the language & teenage angst + are in need of many laughs, then this show is for you!

Reading: I’m just about to start Jen Lancaster’s new book, “The Best of Enemies”.


I own everything Jen Lancaster has written – she is legit funny. Lancaster started out writing personal memoirs but has since moved into writing fiction (still cranking out the memoirs as well though). Lancaster’s writing is snarky, witty, smart and relatable – I highly recommend her work. Her first book – a memoir – was “Bitter Is The New Black” (nothing to do with a women’s prison though) is a good place to start. (Although “Such A Pretty Fat” – the memoir of her weight loss struggle – is my favorite!) Check out all her work here. (Also available at your local library, I’m sure!)

  • What I’m Listening To: Dude, what else? Taylor Swift 1989 on repeat. Yes, still. Can’t get enough. Also – Ryan Adam’s cover album of 1989. Amazing + perfection + obsessed. (Also Disney’s greatest hits with S, if I’m being honest here 😉 )
  • What I’m Wearing: Um.. Creeper much? Mostly workout gear during the day, especially if I don’t have anywhere special to go – ToneItUp Challenge ya’ll! Other than that, mostly a mixture of summer/fall clothes. Nothing says September in VA more than getting prematurely excited about cooler weather in the mornings and thus wearing a sweatshirt/jacket – and then sweating your butt off in the afternoon and having to change back into shorts.


(Sweating by 11am)

  • What I’m Doing This Weekend: This weekend I believe we will be hitting up the State Fair – I’ve never been so hopefully it’s everything that I imagine it to be. (Funnel cakes & fried snickers galore! No rides though – never the rides. Am not trying to die a premature death because some rando didn’t bolt everything in correctly.) ++ Possibly venturing out to the Fields of Fear in northern VA with some friends. (Slightly terrified, but was promised more fair food so I can console myself with that.)
  • What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month: Hello, Lover.


(Also some of our BFFs from NC are coming up to visit for Halloween weekend – S has her old BFF to play with and we will *finally* get to meet their newest little! 🙂 🙂 )

  • What Else Is New: Honestly, pretty much just this blog! So far, the blogging experience has been awesome! I’m having a lot of fun brainstorming content & writing up posts – even if I do feel like I’m just talking to myself/speaking into the void the majority of the time. 🙂 My goal was to make my free time more productive and I believe I’m accomplishing that goal + having a lot of fun with it too! Gold star for me!
  • Bonus Question – Favorite Halloween Tradition?: Okay so here is what I do (After trick or treating/passing out candy, natch.):

1. Light up my favorite Halloween Yankee Candle – Campfire Treat, which smells EXACTLY like marshmallows roasting over a campfire. They captured the scent perfectly. (BUT THEY DON’T MAKE IT ANYMORE NOOOOOO).

2. Get into some sweats (so I can eat all of the candies).

3. Turn off all the lights – so the trick or treaters will stay away. You’re done. Go home. It’s my time now.

4. Watch Hocus Pocus + Practical Magic + It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on repeat.




(+ ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween lineup. It’s the beeest.)

Basic, I know. But it’s the simple things in life you treasure.

Well, that about wraps up my What’s Up Wednesday post – thanks for stopping in!


One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday + Link Up

  1. Love your blog this week! Thanks for the new tv show suggestion and I appreciate your mentioning the “adult content” …with little ones around its hard to know what’s okay and what’s not!…👍

    Liked by 1 person

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