Me Monday + An Ode to Hanson: MMMTears

This will be the first installment of Me Mondays here at Actually-Ashley; in this series I will attempt to share some funny/weird/interesting stories about myself so anyone who is out there can get to know me a little better, and hopefully get in a few laughs. (With me or at my expense, hopefully the former 😉 ) Here goes nothing!

(All events have ACTUALLY happened. Yes. You read that right. I also have witnesses. So. Take from that what you will.)


MMMbop. Where’s the love? Penny & Me. You know who I’m referring to. Ah yes. Hanson. One hit wonder or Greatest “boy band” ever? (For the record, I do NOT consider Hanson to be a “boy band”, in leagues with groups like *NSYNC (*NSYNC forever though). They just don’t record the same type of music. With Hanson there aren’t any choreographed dance routines – Hanson writes, records and plays all their music on their own and … they just aren’t the same. It’s REAL music. Don’t even try to argue with me. You will not win, I promise you. 🙂 ) So basically, anyone who really knows me knows that I LOVE Hanson. Have since ’97 and the fire still burns hot.

Let’s get down to serious business. Which one was your favorite? Isaac? (LOL, Okay. Sure.) Zac? (He was always the closest in age to me and the majority of my friends so he makes sense but… nope) or Taylor? (SWOON) You guessed it: I was a Taylor gal. A little bit older, but not too old to be creepy; had the voice of an angel; played the piano so beautifully that you wept. Yes. This guy.


(Side note: Is Taylor Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? Can’t tell. Would totally guess Hufflepuff because all the babes hung out there. HELLO Cedric Diggory, am I right?)

I was OBSESSED. It’s terrible, I know. Completely weird and embarassing but you try and decipher the mind of a preteen girl.

I was never able to go to one of their concerts during the height of their fame because – secular music. (The horrors!) Probably also because I was like 10. So fast forward to 2008. Fresh from my first move to college and Hanson is on another major tour, playing only about 1.5 hours away. Say what? Enlisted one of my best friends who coincidently ALSO loves Hanson (Hey Lindsay!) and I was set to go.


Me + Lindsay in regards to our mutual love of Hanson:



So we get to the concert and it’s a club-like venue so there is no actual seating so you are standing the entire time. (My 28 year old self is shuddering. No seats? Count me OUT.) We quickly and quite literally push/shove/run/scratch/kick our way to the front of the room. There were 2 people in front of us and then the stage; we were NOT playing around. The guys come out and my honest-to-God first thought? WOAH THERE ISAAC! YOU HAVE BLOSSOMED INTO A BEAUTIFUL SWAN!  Take a look:

Before: images After: Isaac+Hanson+Nicole+Dufresne+married+g7v_NvQDlmwl


You all know who I was there for though… wait for it…

n68125111_36012970_9670 n68125111_36012973_1106

*High pitched screaming*

So the concert was AWESOME and the guys played phenomenally. Cut to the end of the show: the guys are saying thanks and goodbye (yada yada) and Taylor comes to the end of the stage to shake some hands and say hi before he leaves the stage. (Remember I said before there were about two people ahead of Lindsay and I) I’m REACHING out so as to touch Taylor. He reaches out and touches the two ladies in front of us and then… turns around and walks away. WHOMP WHOMP. What’s a girl to do? THIS IS WHAT. I cup my hands around my mouth and I just start SCREAMING, “TAYLOR!!! TAYLOR!!!!!!! COME BACK AND TOUCH US!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!” And I kid you not, you guys. Above all the clapping and cheering and general loudness of the venue, Taylor HEARS ME. He stops mid walk, turns around, looks straight at me, shakes his head and laughs. He then proceeds to walk back to Lindsay and I, reaches over the ladies in front, and held our hands for like 5 seconds straight. I DIED YOU GUYS. I DIED.


So you know when you just really weren’t expecting anything great to happen and then it does? I had LOVED this band for SO long and his hands were SO soft ya’ll. I didn’t think anything like this would actually happen! I often joke that this moment was the “best/most exciting moment of my life”, AKA better than my child being born, better than my wedding, etc. (Obviously this is not a true comparable moment to my wedding/childs’ birth. JOKING) I only say this because look, I KNEW when it was my wedding day. I KNEW that my baby was being born. No surprises there. But this moment? COMPLETE AND UTTER SURPRISE/SHOCK. I, quite literally, was SO excited and overwhelmed with my emotions and sheer joy at that moment that all I could do was… sob. UNCONTROLLABLY. UGLY SOBBING.


(From Lindsay’s perspective: “Oh this is a really cool moment. Awesome. *Turns to look at Ashley, sees her weeping* Ummm… girl go sit down.”)


So then after Taylor let go of our hands, he walked back to the microphone, pointed STRAIGHT AT US, and said “You over there. You’re INTENSE.”



It was the BEST complement anyone has ever given to me. Either he was impressed; or he was scared – either way I had made an impression on him and that was good enough for me. #insanepersoninthefront

Concert is then over, I call pretty much everyone I know and cry/scream into their voicemails, and don’t stop weeping for a full fifteen minutes.

Moral of the story? Don’t ever be afraid to laugh at yourself. There are just some awesome moments in your life that you just never forget. My emotions/actions that night are borderline humiliating (I was 21 years old at the time) but honestly I just don’t care. I laugh about this night ALL THE TIME, you guys. I tell this story pretty much any time I can. I was laughing/manically giggling to myself the entire time I was typing this up! Is it embarrassing? Of course! Should I maybe keep it to myself? Probably. Will I? LOL NOPE. #noshame #nonewhatsoever

Anyone else have any crazy/embarrassing concert/celebrity stories? I genuinely would love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “Me Monday + An Ode to Hanson: MMMTears

  1. “Honestly I just don’t care!” I’m so dead! OMG! I’m laughing so hard I’m in tears!!!! Just…..ahahahahaha One time you’ll NEED to tell me this story in person! Oh man! My only celebrity story is crying when Jesse McCartney came on stage. I was twenty freaking SEVEN years old! I was seeing Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney was just the pre show. I’ve never been so blissfully happy in my entire life. (again…okay…maybe when I got married and had 2 kids….but whatever…lol) Seeing Jesse (from WAY far away) was the highlight of my life. I still dream about him. Straight up have dreams he takes me on dates. Should I admit that to the public world? Probably not! Do I have any shame. NO! Not one ounce! lol


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