Fitness + Friday

7680dac5984e6568fe926f31fdf8bf82 Am i right?

Dun Da Da Daaaaaa… Fitness Friday ya’ll! So. Let’s take a journey back to my youth. Back to when it was possible to eat a footlong Quiznos sub PLUS chips PLUS soda PLUS PLUS cookies – and not gain 13 pounds immediately. Remember those days? They were awesome. Unfortunately, as we get older our metabolisms aren’t *quite* what they used to be, yes? What to do about that? Oh yes. Exercise! (Also not shoveling in AS MUCH processed junk. As much.) In college I tried to exercise as often as i could, but i was also juggling work and school so it wasn’t a huge priority in my life at that point.


When Joe (Oh yes, that’s my darling husband, love of my life – insert heart emoji here) and I first got married, my exercise routine pretty much fell to the wayside. You see, Joe could eat pretty much anything and that was fine for him because – hello military – he had PT every morning and worked off all the pasta, steak and ice cream cake we consumed on a nightly basis. I however, didn’t! I QUICKLY learned that i needed to get my rear in gear on the fitness aspect of my life. Hence, regular exercise and a moderately clean diet ensues. Voila. You’re welcome.

(GET TO THE POINT, ASHLEY.) ah yes. So basically I want to make these fitness posts a safe place where I (and hopefully you!) can share our experiences with a healthy lifestyle.

So to kick it off – Running! 5084024cf9c1298bd5028c030949217a I’ve only been running for about 4 years now – i started after S was born. I enjoy running the most out of all the exercises because of the sense of accomplishment i feel after i’m done. Ellipticals are cool, swimming is…eh, but there is nothing like that runners high. I try to get at least 4-5 runs in a week; sometimes more, sometimes less. I also attend hot yoga classes at a local studio – total game changer you guys. The room is usually set to 98-102 degrees (it really doesn’t feel too hot though) and then – you guessed it – YOGA. In all seriousness, hot yoga paired with running is like peanut butter & jelly. Peanut butter & chocolate. Tuna & cheese pretzels (just me?). Your body can get all kinds of wonky and uptight from running but the stretching from yoga plus the heat of the room creates the most relaxing atmosphere EVA. Plus you obviously work up a good sweat while doing so.


Another thing i like to incorporate are workouts from I just recently got tuned into this site and i have to say that i love it. Monday started the “Fit for Fall” 8 week challenge and so far it’s been challenging but rewarding. Every day there is a new and different workout – running, strength training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, etc etc. Every morning you start out with a “Bootycall” workout – some cardio to get your heart rate up and going. At night, there is usually a small strength training session. The best part is, your running sessions count as dolla dolla bills for charity! During this challenge, by “checking in” on your social media accounts, the ToneItUp ladies will choose various people who have been participating and will donate (if chosen) $200 to the charity of your choice! How cool is that? So not only are you getting your exercise in but helping others at the same time? Why not right? Want to join me? Check out the fall challenge here!

This week was a mixture of the running/yoga/HIIT. The running = easy peasy no problem. Yoga = same. The HIIT? Goodness Gracious. It’s definitely doable but HELLO i was sweating, heavy breathing, red faced – the whole shebang.

IMG_1738 (Doesn’t look so intense from this picture but I TELL THE TRUTH)

Next week i will be checking in again with my weekly stats – feel free to comment with yours as well! What’s your favorite way to get moving? Let me know in the comments!


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