Ahem… Is this thing on?

So they say there are about ohhhh… ten billion blogs out in the internets these days and yet, here i am jumping right in – blindfolded.


Basically while being at stay-at-home mom has its definite benefits, it also allows me some downtime that i’d like to make a bit more productive. So, instead of incessantly texting my best friend a plethora of random thoughts throughout the day – i will be sharing them here for your pure enjoyment. Thrilling, yes?

So i’d like to start this ride by sharing a bit about myself. My name is Ashley (yes, it’s Actually Ashley! So clever!) I live in the DC area with my husband and our daughter. We have moved around a lot (Hawaii, Arizona, North Carolina)ย due to my husband being in the Army, but we have finally settled back on the East coast. Being a military spouse is a unique experience for sure, but being able to travel to – and live – in so many different places has been really awesome.


Little S! We have a beautiful four year old daughter who just began preschool. She’s hilarious and sassy and i love it. Many anecdotes to come.

I follow several blogs and there are various aspects about each of them that i really love. When i see these awesome women sharing their lives and interests with their readers, it makes me want to get involved! So, this blog will serve as that outlet for me. Obviously the reality of sharing my life and thoughts this way can be daunting. Will people like what i have to say? Will i be funny/interesting/relatable (insert any and all adjectives here) to anyone reading? Who knows! Putting yourself out there can be intimidating – but it’s good to push yourself to try new things, yes? So bottom line: even though i’m completely psyched about beginning this blog –ย it also makes me feel like this:


But i digress.

I’ll be sharing my fitness goals/tips (hot yoga, running, Toneitup challenges) outfit posts, parenting woes, television recaps (Bachelor franchise, HELLO!) and allllll about things that interest me and hopefully you, too.

First up – Me Mondays! Mondays can be a drag. But guess what? Every monday i will be posting a funny (or weird, you decide) little story about myself so that you can get to know me a bit more personally.

As for me this weekend, we have S’s birthday party manaรฑa so there will be a lot of eating cake in my future (and coincidentally also a lot of running on the treadmill). Got any fun plans for the weekend?



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